Vision Action

Third Round: Months 7-9

Department: Host organizations and SMEs

Main topic:

Job Searching,

CV writing,

Interview Skills

In this session, the aim is to help participants to understand themselves for their future career. Help participants learn to search suitable jobs and write CVs, and practice interview skills.

Methods and Tasks:
In this round, participants will be very familiar with the conceptions of career, work, labour market, as well as themselves. Therefore, they will be asked to write their own CVs and apply for jobs. Organizations will evaluate their CVs and jobs searches, and give them advices and suggestions. Organizations will provide professional advices and support to help them understand their strengthens and weaknesses. Participants will modify their CVs and applications for several times in order to develop their skills. Organizations will provide mock interviews for participants. After practices, participants will be given professional suggestions and interview tips.

Participants will be able to search jobs in proper ways, and know at least 3 accesses or tools to job searching. Participants will be able to create their own CVs with knowing their competitive points and make good use of them. Participants will be able to perform confidently and professionally for interviews.