Vision Action

Second Round: Months 4-6

Department: Host Organizations and SMEs

Main topic:

Communication; Team management

Professional communication in English

1.Communication; Team management

In the second round, participants will be more familiar with their works and people.In this session, organizations and SMEs will train participant to communicate in the professional way. The professional communication skills is very essential for participants, and this skill will be useful for their future career as well. Therefore, in the second round, participants are expected to learn to communicate professionally and properly. The team management is relative to the communication. Participants will be able to communicate and negotiate in a team to achieve their common goal. In this way, participants are required to know how to manage a team.

Methods and Tasks:
Participants will be given group tasks monthly or weekly to complete. For each participant, there will be specific roles in the group work related with their skills or professionals. For participants, organizations will organize them to complete a group task to evaluate their team management and communication skills (in English).

Participants will be able to communicate in the professional ways to achieve their goals. Participants will learn to mediate conflicts and promote cooperation in a group work, as well as team management. Participants will be aware respecting the diversity.

2.Professional communication in English

Help participants to communicate in professional English. Professional English is essential in international companies and enterprises. Fluent professional English is very helpful for non-native English speakers. In this session, the aim is to promote participants professional English skills for communication properly in their career.

Methods and Tasks:
Participants will be exposed to the full-English environment in every day. They need to listen and talk in English to complete tasks and works. Besides, they will be asked to various tasks, such as reading professional writing materials, writing reports, making presentation, etc. organizations and SMEs, as well as people around them, will help them to speak proper English in order to promote their language skills

Participants will be able to promote their English in reading, listening, writing and speaking. Participants will be able to use propitiate description in professional ways. Participants will be able to promote cooperation and team work with fluent English. Participants will be more competitive in their future career.