Vision Action

Fourth Round: Months 10-12

Department: Host organizations and SMEs

Main topic:

Entrepreneurship skills

In the final section, organizations will encourage participants to be innovative and creative in their works. Innovation is one of the priorities of the programme, with long-term practices in the local SMEs, participant are expected to develop new ideas. Especially with culture awareness and communication in the diverse environment, participants will be inspired by these factors. With previous experiences, participants will learn to be more innovative and creative.

Methods and Tasks:
Participants will be encouraged to give different ideas and thoughts towards products and services. Participants will asked to develop new ideas or even create new conceptions of product or services. Participants will be asked to design products based on their countries market needs. Participants will be asked to give the conclusive reports on innovation and creation of the current products or services.

Participants will be able to think creatively in their works. Participants will be able to develop methodology of innovation and creation in their own fields. Participants will be more confident and active in the innovation perspective. Participants will influence their peers to be innovative and creative in the future.