Vision Action

First Round: Months 1-3

Department: SMEs and Host Companies

Main topic:

Rights and Responsibilities

Team-work, Inter-culture Skills

1.Rights and Responsibilities

At the very beginning, it is very important for participants to get familiar with the UK working environment. Therefore, in this round, the organizations and SMEs will help participants to have a clear understanding of their works, as well as specific rights and responsibilities of themselves while working.

Organizations and SMEs will provide courses and accesses for participants. After the theoretical teaching, participants will start their daily works. During their works, they will develop practical knowledge of rights and responsibilities.

Skills and Tasks:
Participants will be familiar with the UK working environment, which is significant for their future training plan. Besides, they will be able to protect themselves while working.

2.Team-work; Inter-culture Skills

It is very possible that participants facing a multi-cultural working environment, so they are expected to team-work with people from different cultural backgrounds. In this session, participants will be able to work in the multi-cultural environment.

Methods and Tasks:
Organizations and SMEs will help participants to learn the basic knowledge of multi-cultural communication. They will also help participants with language support, and if needed, mentors will help to mediate conflicts among them. Participants will be encouraged to communicate positively with people.
There will be relatively simple group works for participants, where they are allocated into groups with different cultural background. They will be asked to complete group works together. Organizations will provide platforms, such as weekend parties and activities, for participants to get to know people in an appropriate way.

Participants will be able to communicate appropriately with people from different backgrounds. They will be aware of culture diversity and learn how to promote harmony. Participants will be able to raise their own cultural awareness and be confident about themselves, as well as their own cultures.