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Congratulations! CCE becomes one of service system Strategic partners to the China ONE family club

At 13:00 pm (Beijing time) of 13rd September, 2016, the ‘China ONE family club- global strategic cooperation agency signing press conference’ hold in the first building of SUZHOURONGCHUANG . World-renowned institutions- such as Cambridge Culture Exchange, Chinese ZHISLAND, XIRANHUI of FUDAN University, KAMEILIAN luxury female club, PAN-NATIONAL ARTS and ARRIVE etc. attendance the conference, signing to become partners of China ONE family club in order to create more prosperity in future!

At the beginning of the conference, Ms. Di Liu (THE ONE PARK’s Secretary-General) gave a brief exposition of the deep meaning of this strategic cooperation, and every representative gave keynote speeches followed. In the speech, Di introduced the "ONE Private Customized Service System", which covering 9 major services: wealth management, health examination, health and beauty, private travel, education plan, overseas immigrants, art collection, business travel and charity Private service. For the education plan, she refers to the customization educational plan for family members. For example, cooperation with the renowned internationally agents, children’s overseas study, international exchange programs etc.

Mr. Weidong Qiu, Executive Director of our China Division, presented the uk Tier4  Student education, and point out that "Education is the Root of Life, Life is the Source of Culture" and "Creativity-based" ideas. We are committed to providing international cultural exchange programs and high-end customized Education Plan. As the link between China ONE family and British cultural and educational, there is a long way to go and we will do our best.

In addition, China ZHISLAND gave a speech focus on asset allocation of the global resources and investment direction. XINRANHUI discussed the direction of educational programs. KAMEILIAN talk about the future development of female circle. ARRIVE introduced the direction of international business travel, and PAN- NATIONAL ARTS gave a keynote speech on the current and future development of international art.

At the end of the speech, all representatives signed the strategic cooperation agreement with THE ONE PARK under the witness by witnesses. All partners reach long-term cooperation consensus: improve the high-end brand image, enhance the project potential development.

After the signing ceremony, Ms. Di Liu, Secretary General of THE ONE PARK, strategic cooperation representatives were interviewed by Suzhou mainstream media.

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Second floor
Suzhou No. 1 Institution
Suzhou, China

29/09/2016 13:00 -29/09/2016 17:00