“Asian Night” 2016 SBBA Events

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“2016 Asia’s Night "is the highest specifications and the most influentially social event in Asian. It is led by Robert A. Mundell (the winner of Nobel Economics Prize and the father of the euro), and launched by the “World Entrepreneur” magazine. It has already become a commendable tradition to gathering celebrities in an Asian city to discuss the future of Asia every October.

Previously, “Asia’s nights” has achieved great success in Singapore, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Jakarta and many other Asian cities before. Its guests list includes different fields’ influentials, such as the Thailand’s royal family, Zeju Li and Qigang Huo (business area), Huiqiao Song (entertainment) and many more.

By 2016, Suzhou No.1 was awarded as the first Asian 10 super luxury "opportunity" in Suzhou's history, “Asian night", for the first time, launched in China Suzhou, this ancient and young Asian city. At the event, the guests from 26 countries and regions, including Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Singapore, will walk through the red carpet together with invited guests, including 100 world top 500 enterprises CEO, diplomats, entrepreneurs, artists, celebrities and elites appeared together, to present a top event of Asia.

2016 "Asian night" comprises of four themes, named as "Flourishing Age, Light Illusion, Fashion Moment, Jazz Social.

Flourishing Age - Private aircraft, luxury yachts, luxury cars, custom jewelry, International Art…..the world's limited edition luxury private exhibition, arranged in array, compete with each other for beauty of looks.

Light Illusion - China premiere light show from Hawaii, colorful and magical; world magic master holographic interactive, open the door to fantasy future;

Fashion Moment - Paris fashion week's model led by spring 2017 fashion show, the presentation of international fashion trend; Classic masterpiece of American Broadway Dance, offered a visual feast;

Attending Brand (regardless of ranking): The World Federation of Chinese entrepreneurs, the European Chamber of Commerce, HSBC, China Merchants Bank, China bank, CITIC Bank, China Everbright Securities, Suzhou Park Foreign Enterprise Institution, China and island, Wenqiu family office, Lan Yu private travel, Cambridge Cultural Exchange, Hezhong immigration service, ARRIVE, Fudan Xinran Community, Taihu mercury yacht gold card club, top women's club, art interactive, beauty Paris, Martha Lahti, Porsche, Versace, DAMIANI, Ming Gallery, Jinji Lake Art Museum, Barcelona Museum of art;

Intended attending brand (regardless of ranking): The British Consulate, Consulate General of France, the Consulate in Italy, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, the American Chamber of Commerce, chamber of Commerce Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, Ireland, London Chamber of Commerce, chamber of Commerce Alliance, the French Federation, the Federation Suzhou, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Hermes, Chanel, Cartire, Bvlgari, Fendi, Ferragamo, Omega, FENIX and feici yacht, Deutsche Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, DBS bank, Huatai Securities, Japan AEON, Taiwan's group, Huayi Brothers, dragon Yin pictures, club, yacht club, Confidante, Sotheby's, an art Gallery, true color Museum

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When & Where

Suzhou No. 1 Institution
the cross of East Taihu Road and Yongwang Road
Suzhou, China

18:30-21:30, October 15th, 2016

Supported By

Official Hotel: Kempinski Hotel

Official Car: Mercedes Benz

Main Host: World entrepreneur group

Sponsor: China One Family Club

Media support: Asia Europe journal, Chinese (Italy) Asahi, Yomiuri Shimbun (Japan) Korea daily, Asian daily (South Korea) Singapore United Morning Post (Singapore) star news, news, Guanghua daily (Malaysia) Sun TV, Star TV, Phoenix TV, newspaper, Wen Wei Po (Hongkong China) United News Network (China, Taiwan) Macao daily (Macao China) CCTV, people's daily, Xinhua news agency, sina.com.cn, surging news news, Sohu, NetEase (China) news


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