"One Belt and One Road" Cultural and Creative Event SBBA Events

Event Details

It is the event focus on the theme of "One Belt and One Road" (an important development strategy proposed by president Xi that focuses on connectivity and cooperation among countries). In this context, our festival will include academic, text design and art, in order to created a fascinating feast from visual, auditory and tactile points. This party is organized by Vision International Investment & Cambridge Culture Exchange Ltd, and we will hold it at Suzhou every month. During the event, the first two days of the event are open to all enterprises, and the next few days only for the appointment to further discuss with projects in which they are interested.

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• We are interest in you event, but unable to attend?

If you are interested in this event but cannot attend in person, we can help you introduce your business. We will help you make a one-page introduction document, which we trust will give a short and clear explanation on the first place to attract the clients. And we will use this brief introduction to help you do PR and Marketing, promote your business in Chinese market. At your convenience, please provide us information as below to our email (y.yan@vision-invest.co.uk):

  1. For the Company Introduction part: extract 100-130 words
  2. For the Company Fast Fact part: 3-5 bullet points
  3. For the Testimony part: 50-100 words
  4. A portrait of one of your staff.

We will also send you feedback ASAP.


• How can we register Sino- British Business Event?

Free exhibit through us. And there are various ways of participating:

  1. Online: To promote your company on our event page, free of charge;
  2. Offline: Invite your marketing development manager as our special guest to the event;
  3. Offline: We could assign a specialized market representative to your company who might contact you in the first place to get specific knowledge about your company profile, and represent you within the event.


• I’m not sure if I want to go down through your service?

The process of our services is: At first we need you offer us the information we need in order to help make the one- page introduction for you. And then we will send you it as soon as we finished, if you think is fine, we will put that on our website and also show it in the event to help you promote your business. All these are free for you, and after that if you like our services or think it is useful (started getting feedback and enquiries), we can then start our collaboration and setting up a formal arrangement. In addition, our minimum contract period id three months, you can pay it monthly. That would convenience for you to have a try, and then decide what next.


• Could you please let me know the deadline of registration?

Registration will be closed 3 days before the event. But please register as soon as possible as space is limited.

When & Where

Global 188
Building A ( 90 minute drive from center of Shanghai)
Suzhou, Jiangsu Province

13 Nov 2016, 09:00 CST - 18 Nov 2017, 17:00 CST

Photo of the Venue