Vision Action

What does the Vision Action brings to you?

The Vision Action cares about young people, and we want to raise attention for young generation in a broader level. Our projects not only benefit young people directly with great life experiences, but also bring innovations and creativity to the UK companies.

For the Employer:

  • An internship program is an inexpensive recruiting tool and an opportunity to train potential employees. The
    opportunity to evaluate prospective employees while they are working for the organization can significantly improve
    the effectiveness and efficiency of our recruiting process.

  • Interns bring current technology and ideas from the classroom to the workplace thereby increasing an
    organization’s intellectual capital.

  • Interns can fill short-term capacity issues.

  • Interns create a renewable talent pipeline.

  • Interns can be another resource for the recruitment of diverse employees into the workplace.

  • Interns can provide a management opportunity for mid-level staff.

  • With company being a college town, an internship program can present a unique opportunity for company to
    “partner” with institutions of higher learning to create and/or strengthen a symbiotic relationship with area
    business/industry and academia to ensure that supply and demand of appropriate skill sets are properly aligned.

  • An internship program can supply an easily accessible source of highly motivated“pre-professionals.”

  • An internship program can be a great marketing tool for our organization, raising awareness of the vast career
    opportunities available at company.

    For the Intern:

  • Internships are an excellent way to learn about an industry of interest while also acquiring some of the necessary
    skills and tools for success in that field.

  • Internships can provide students “real life” experience in their potential future career.

  • Internships may satisfy certain college program re- quirements and possibly allow students to earn college credit,
    enriching the college experience and preparing for entrance into the workforce.

  • Internships are a great way of building relationships with an employer which may open doors to future positions
    or provide networking opportunities that can strengthen one’s career.

  • Students participating in an internship are typically more engaged in their learning and develop a better work
    ethic,as well as more skills and abilities. These interns later become more dedicated employees and involved
    community members.

    For the Community:

  • Internships can greatly decrease overhead and increase productivity of businesses.

  • By building the relationship among students, work- force education and businesses, the community’s talent is
    more likely to remain in the area.

  • Internships are a great way to create a future pipeline of talent within the community.