Vision Action

What is the Vision Action?

Internship is the bridge for young people to link their own personal developments and their future career. Meanwhile, the internship experience is becoming more and more important to employers, the successful internship/placement will make interns to stand out in a competitive job market.

The Vision Action will provide young people a stable and proper platform to advance their career and help
them with personal development.

1. Objectives + Target Groups

The Vision Action providers internship programs that enables young people to gain valuable professional experience at
the UK SME and innovative industries, while exploring exciting new life experiences and developing global networks.

The Vision Action not only offers professional placement in young people’s career fields. We welcome participants
to the London, Manchester, Birmingham, etc, all of those fascinating cities around the UK to enhance their professional
and personal development while experiencing diverse cultures in a creative way.

During the Vision Action project duration, young people will enjoy professional workshops, training and curriculum,
as well as social and cultural events that ensure full exposure to the workplace and the local environment.

2. Trans-nationally + Impacts

Trans-nationally---European Level / International level

The Vision Action project is recognized and under the European Commission. We cooperate with organizations all
around the Europe to enhance the civilization and cultural immersion.

With diverse partnership and participants
engaged in our projects, we make sure that you can experience new cultures both in the destination and through
networking with your partners of the Vision Action projects.