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Art collecting in Chinahas been boosted by the country’s flourishing economy and rapidly expanding middle class over the last 10 years. As China’s burgeoning economy blossoms and its new affluent “middle class” begins to collect history, the world is the new market and Asian collectors are proving to be serious shoppers.

Although Chinese art collectors are obsessed with the unique artistic appeal and investment potential of ancient Chinese paintings and Antiques, a key weakness lies in the limited supply of top- quality artworks coming on to the auction market. As ancient artworks become fewer and more expensive in the domestic market, Chinese people head abroad for treasure hunt.

The services which Soidea Ltd intend to provide to the Chinese customers are helping them sourcing intermediate value of art and antiques internationally as well as other related services such as bidding, private sales, identification and transportation. This type of One-stop service enables them to provide sense of security, privacy and reassurance to our clients. Soidea's office are located in central Hong Kong and Beijing which allows them to cover both Asia and European antique markets and offer more extensive selections and options to their clients.

In order to attract more professionals and make it more convenient and closer to all art related activities, Soidea Ltd have set up their new office in London.



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Suchow international language school are looking for qualified, newly qualified and enthusiastic potential teachers to teach student in China. Suchow international language school located at Suchow. The students range in age from 3 to 15. They are an enthusiastic, energetic bunch looking to have fun and learn English. You will need to be equally as enthusiastic and energetic, with plenty of fun games and activities ready to help them learn. As a teacher, you will have a direct impact on your students. You will be able to watch them progress from nervous speakers to confident conversationalists. Teaching kids truly is a rewarding job, make sure you apply today for first consideration on open positions.

Your Salary & Benefits

  • Subject teachers up to 20,000 RMB monthly, for 9 months, based on qualifications
  • Spoken English teachers up to 15,000 RMB monthly, for 9 months, based on qualifications
  • For summer or winter vacation 3,000 RMB monthly
  • UWC Kindergarten teachers over 200,000 RMB annual (details can be interviewed)
  • Free accommodation in school include 3 free meals at weekdays, or 1,000-2,000 RMB accommodation allowance
  • 10,000 RMB annual flight allowance if work over one year

Job Responsibilities

  • Teaching English to kids in China aged 3-15
  • Planning and delivering lessons lessons to children
  • Start teaching from 8th of February to 25th of August
  • 2 teachers for Junior high school, 1 for kindergarten, 2 for primary school, 2 for primary school English spoken, 4 for UWC kindergarten

Job Requirements

  • At least Bachelor’s degree
  • 2 years full-time teaching experience
  • Applicants must be citizens from the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, New Zealand or Australia
  • The ability to obtain a clear background check
  • Authentic and native speech sounds
  • Aged below 59

The Chinese company aims to provide bespoke health management services to high net worth individuals in east China.

It is looking for UK partners who are market leaders in the UK in providing individual healthcare management programs and projects.

The company was established in 2016.

Its aim is to offer a one-stop healthcare service platform in China providing:

  • Medical tourism
  • Individual healthcare management
  • Medical cosmetic treatments
  • Overseas healthcare services
It provides transparent information on overseas care, providing real-time healthcare data and an individual healthcare service.

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The Chinese company:

  • One of the leading online platforms specialising in fashion and luxury products in Asia;
  • Has worked with more than 2,000 international brands;
  • It is looking for opportunities to introduce popular UK high-quality clothing brands to Chinese customers;
  • This opportunity is open to brand owners only. The company will not charge any fees
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T:+44 (0)203 405 4991 | M: +44 (0)7888 729 208

Industry : Education and Training

Opportunity Type : Private sector

The company is planning on providing a UK education consulting services to overseas student in 2017.

It would like to establish contacts with UK universities or education companies to develop and introduce this new business.

The cooperation model would be open for discussion.

  • The company based in the UK
  • Established in 2012
  • Has strong personal relationship related Education in both China and UK
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Email: | T:+44 (0)203 405 4991

Investor introduction: XXX CONSTRUCTION ENGRG. CORP. LTD
is the pathbreaker and leader of the China international contracting business. Representing the Chinese government, the Company undertook the financial-aid projects since 1950s. For the past two decades, it ranks the first among China’s companies in the Top 225 international Contractors by Engineering News Record (ENR)

This company is looking for long-term cross-border cooperation, they don’t have high requirement of the rate of return as long as it is normal and reasonable . 
Main requirements for the investment project in architecture or property industry:
1. UK Company’s background and reference, including general company history and whether the company have worked with Chinese company before.
2. A detailed Business Plan, for the first time of cooperation, the total investment funding can be 1-5 million pounds (the investor is not looking for land)
3. The company needs to have active communication with Vision regarding this project.

1. Requirements: US,Canada,UK nationals.Young, lively, positive, have experience teaching children aged 4-12. Preferable experience and education background in child psychology, performance and art.

2. Schedule: Monday and Sunday 8:00pm - 10:00pm (GMT) / 1:00pm- 3:00pm (UK time)

3. Place: Online teaching, no limited location

4. Students: Chinese students, 4-12 years old (various English proficiency)

5. Wages: £15 - £20 per hour

6. The teachers' wage: According to parents, students, and corporate assistant, tripartite assessment. Mainly in four aspects, enthusiastic teachers teaching teachers teaching techniques, students are engaged in degree, and student learning attractiveness, as the assessment criteria.

7. The number of teachers recruited unlimited 

Participants:Young / Senior Chinese entrepreneurs
Number of participants: Around 20 people
Tour destination: London and the surrounding area
Content of this training / business tour: Teaching participants knowledge related to Charitable Trust and Social Enterprise. Giving professional speech to the participants. Taking participants to visit the famous and international institution or company which has done well in social responsibility.
Length of the tour:Around 10 days 

This Chinese factory is doing thermal processing of Mechanical parts , mainly about forging, heat treatment, machining and other processes. Products including gears, bearings, and any other metal parts.
The owner wants to open up overseas markets and link to UK market.
He also intends to move his family to Cambridge area.