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Vocational Education and Training

· KA1 VET learner and staff mobility
· KA2 VET partnerships

Adult Education

· KA1 adult education staff mobility
· KA2 adult education partnerships


· KA1 youth mobility
· KA2 youth partnerships

The key component of our Programme in internationalizing the volunteers experience is about providing opportunities and encouraging them to engage with mobility.

Creative and innovative tasks are carried out very differently internationally as they recognize different pedagogical approaches.

Enabling and encouraging volunteers to visit different countries under this program allows them to identify and explore different approaches to teaching and learning practices, and to understand better the different contexts from which their students originate.

Additionally, it widens their professional practice and professional networks, frequently kick-starting wider collaborations with partner institutions such as EU funded mobility and research projects.

Having taken an active part in the Erasmus+ Programme themselves, volunteers are able to provide better advice and support for the education areas in the future.

Examples of typical tasks:

The programme supports participants and volunteers to expand their internationalization and cooperation strategies, by sending and receiving the participants from around the world beyond Europe. Potentially It opens up new learning experiences, provides insight into different cultures, and, most importantly in such turbulent times, nurtures the concept of global citizenship amongst our staff and students. Meanwhile, they will help local organizations, communities, and hosting groups with multi-cultural ideas and practices.

The Programme brings volunteers following impacts in terms of learning opportunities:

1. Individuals plan to engage in further education opportunities (formal, non-formal, vocational)

2. Develop a clear idea about individual professional career aspirations and goals

3. Potentially increase job chances

4. Develop clear idea about future educational path

5. Develop individual networks and communication

6. Increase confidence to engage in multi-cultural activities

7. Raise awareness of social affairs, such as caring of the vulnerable groups.

8. Help young people better prepared to participate actively in social or political issues.

Participants Background:

We select students, trainers, young teachers and professionals from the education and training area.

Recruitment process:

  • The recruitment will be open, based on personal motivation, not competences.
  • CVs, motive letters, Skype, various ways of understanding participants.
  • Information confirmation and personal evaluation of participants
  • Data protection of the candidates’ information
  • Provide access for candidates to check and feedback on any outcomes
  • Open access for candidates to communicate and negotiate
  • Recruitment ends with signing volunteering agreement.
    The organizations will host 2-3 volunteers.

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