Vision Action

Entrepreneurship skills

According to the EU Commission dimension, the entrepreneurship is 'the mindset and process to create and develop economic activity by blending risk-taking, creativity and/or innovation with sound management, within a new or an existing organization'.
In the programme perspective, we consider entrepreneurship as the professional and business settings, and it is able to turn an idea into a ‘business opportunity’ through planning, managing, and growing a business.


  • Encourage participants to develop their own ideas towards products and services
  • Hold activities regularly for participants to show their innovative and creative ideas related with their works
  • Participants draw out the entrepreneurship skills by their own, and decide their most wanted skills
  • During the programme, host organizations help participants to strengthen their wanted skills by encouraging them.
  • Host organizations evaluate participants’ performance and give personalized advices for every participant.


  • Evaluation forms for participants
  • Document performance and personalized guide