Vision Action

Job Searching, CV Writing and Interview Skills


Help participants develop skills of accurate job searching skills via appropriate access. This is the first beginning of career. Therefore it is very important.

Activities (Job searching)

  • Provide a theoretical overview and some examples by professionals.
  • Make practice online
  • Evaluate and feedback by professionals.

    CV writing

  • Ask participants to give pervious CV
  • Provide knowledge and skills by professionals
  • During the project, participants gradually keep fixing their own CVs
  • At the end of the project, compare their CVs of different version.
  • Make evaluation and documentation

    Interview skills

  • Participants attend their first interview at the beginning of the project, and organizations and SMEs will record them.
  • Provide tips and advices during the whole projects
  • Provide opportunities for them to attend interviews. The organization could organization quick-interview session for them to practice.
  • SMEs professionals offer ideas and advice according to their practices
  • At the final stage, there will be professional advices and help from mentors


  • Make evaluation forms for CV, Interview and Job search sessions.
  • Documentary and comparison