Vision Action


  • Provide suitable accommodation and meals, or food allowance, covering also the holiday period to the volunteers
  • Ensure safety and adequate living conditions of the accommodation for volunteers by appropriate arrangements of cost.
  • Keep contact and communications with volunteers to ensure their safe staying in the accommodation

    We will guarantee a safe living and working environment for the volunteers:

    1. Accommodation for the decent and friendly atmosphere among volunteers

  • Decent conditions- safe, clean, decent standard, which is acceptable for the proportionate to living conditions in the hosting country.
  • Personal space; own room, or at least separate space for ‘alone time’
  • Appropriate distance from the office
  • Available for the whole period of volunteering, including holidays.
  • Instructions for usage of devices. Approachability of all responsible persons, contact numbers given. Own desk and computer(if needed)
  • Sanitary facilities and lunch space, or lunch time-out.
  • Flexible working time allowed.

    2. Inspiration and encouragement for volunteers in relation to the tasks,

  • Clear, neat and suitable working and living environment mentioned above.
  • Short/mid/long-term evaluation and feedback system for volunteers to make adjustments in case of mistakes and demotivation.
  • Contact and support from mentors regularly to encourage volunteers.

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